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    Should You Buy an Aluminum Fence or a Wrought-Iron Fence?

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Aluminum and wrought-iron fences are both popular, but for different reasons. Commercial businesses that require a very secure fence that will be opened and closed several times each day may benefit more from a wrought-iron fence because of its robust sturdiness. For many homeowners, an aluminum fence is the better option.

    As far as fence maintenance is concerned, it doesn’t get any easier than caring for an aluminum fence. An aluminum fence should be cleaned when it gets dirty, but it never needs to be painted or stained. Aluminum is also among the most economical fence materials.

    Are you looking to install an attractive, cost-effective fence on your Lockport, Illinois, property? If so, there is no reason not to invest in the best. To speak with highly skilled and experienced fence contractors about our aluminum fence installation services, call Northwest Cedar Products at (815) 836-8731.

    Why Fencing Is Essential for Pet Owners

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Pets are curious by nature. Many of them are eager to explore and push boundaries, making a fence a must-have for most pet owners. By enclosing your yard with a fence, you can give your pets a nice space in which to run around, get exercise, interact with nature, and do their business without putting them in harm’s way.

    Keep Your Pets from Running Away
    If you have a dog, you probably know what it’s like to have a pet run away. Even if only a few minutes pass from the time you discover your pet is missing until he returns, having a pet run away can be a nerve-racking experience. With a professionally installed fence, the posts can be placed deep to prevent digging under as well.

    Keep Your Pets Safe from Predators
    In addition to keeping your pets in your backyard, a well-designed and professionally installed fence will keep wildlife from roaming freely onto your property. This should enable you to feel comfortable leaving your pets in the backyard without supervision. It will also protect your landscaping from large pests.

    Give Yourself Peace of Mind
    Knowing that your pet can freely enter and exit your yard through a pet door without having to worry that he will run away or encounter a predator can spare you a great deal of stress and concern. Your pet’s quality of life will improve if he can go outside to answer nature’s call or get some exercise whenever he is inclined. In order to experience this peace of mind, you must have a good fence installed in your backyard.

    Would you like to enjoy the benefits discussed in this article? If you live in the Lockport area and would like to pet-proof your yard with a cedar, vinyl, or aluminum fence, Northwest Cedar Products can provide you with efficient fence installation service. To speak with one of our friendly and experienced fence contractors today, call (815) 836-8731.

    Protecting a Wood Fence from Bad Weather

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Installing a wood fence is a classic way to bring character to a home, and wood’s aesthetic appeal and integrity are difficult to deny. Unlike durable vinyl and metal fences, however, wood fences are susceptible to rot over time. If you live in an area with four distinct seasons and all kinds of weather, like Lockport, Illinois, there are a number of steps you can take before and after installing a wood fence to keep it looking great and standing strong for longer.

    Choose the Right Type of Wood
    When it comes to building a wood fence that will last, the species of wood you choose matters. Today, cedar and redwood dominate the wood fencing industry because of their durability and natural resistance to rot and decay.

    Use Pressure-Treated Wood Posts
    The first fence panels to rot are typically fence posts because they extend into the ground. Contact with the ground exposes these wood posts to moisture almost constantly. Fortunately, pressure-treated wood is highly resistant to water damage and rot.

    Paint, Stain, or Seal
    Unless you paint your fence every year or two, you will need to have it stained or sealed if it is to stand the test of time. Sealing, which should be done before staining if you decide to do both, offers a wood fence greater protection against the elements.

    Watch for Termites
    Keep an eye out for termite tubes and swarms on your property. If you detect any, contact an experienced termite elimination professional to treat your fence and home.

    No matter how well-cared for it is, no wood fence lasts forever. If your fence is beyond repair and you’re looking to have a new wood fence installed, Northwest Cedar Products can help. Serving Lockport, Illinois, and the surrounding areas, we have nearly a century’s worth of experience installing high-quality wood fences. To speak with a fence contractor about having a new cedar fence installed on your property, call us at (815) 836-8731.

    How to Clean and Maintain a Vinyl Fence

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Vinyl looks great for a long time and requires less attention than most other common fence materials, but that does not mean it is a no-maintenance option. For an overview of the steps you should take to clean and maintain a vinyl fence, watch this brief video clip.

    A routine wash requires only a working garden hose, a dry rag, and a few minutes of your time. Should your vinyl fence have dark, tarry, oily, or other stubborn stains, you may use a light detergent to try to remove signs of these blemishes.

    If you would like to replace your old fence with an attractive, low-maintenance vinyl fence, look into Northwest Cedar Product’s vinyl fence installation services. To speak with one of our fence contractors in Lockport, call (815) 836-8731 today!

    How the Right Fence Can Enhance Your Safety

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Many Illinois homeowners focus on the appearance and maintenance aspects of fencing. But fences can also be very effective tools for increasing your safety and security. If you are considering a fence, read this article first to explore how installing a fence can enhance your safety at home.

    Secure the Safety of Your Children
    Putting a fence in your backyard is essential if you want to keep your children in a controlled area where you can watch them. Enclosing your front yard with a fence is great not only for enhancing the look of your home, but also for ensuring that your children do not run into the street. Fences are also an effective deterrence to thieves who may be tempted to enter your home.

    Prevent Swimming Pool Drowning
    Tragically, hundreds of children drown each year in residential swimming pools in the U.S. The vast majority of these deaths can be prevented with well-built pool fencing. In order to keep children from gaining access to your pool, the barrier must be at least four feet tall and contain no handholds or footholds that can be used to climb the fence. If a solid fence is not used, then the size of the openings should not exceed 1.75 inches. Also keep the fence locked at all times and remove any furniture or large items that could be used to scale the fence.

    Keep Your Pets Safe
    A properly built and installed fence can keep your pets inside your yard while keeping wild animals and unwanted strays outside. Ask a fence contractor to help you choose a fence that both looks great and protects your pets from running away or being attacked by other animals.

    To learn more about the benefits of a high-quality fence, call Northwest Cedar Products at (815) 836-8731. Serving the Lockport area, we offer over 80 years of experience and a wide variety of fence materials. Visit our website to take a closer look at the fences we have installed.

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